Why Diagnostic Business Is A Critical Industry

Sansure Biotech presided over a press conference announcing the brand-new iPonatic® III – Portable Molecular Workstation during the Medica 2022, which is an essential device of the diagnostic industry.

Why is the diagnostic business a critical industry?

At the expo, there are many diagnostic companies. The diagnostic business is a critical industry because it is the foundation of modern medicine. It enables doctors to identify problems and prescribe treatments that can keep patients healthy. The diagnostic business also helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies develop new products and therapies.

Diagnostic products are made up of many different parts, including tests, equipment, and supplies. Each part is essential for diagnosing patients correctly.

Medical diagnostic products are made using a variety of technologies. Some diagnostic products are carried out in a doctor’s office using traditional methods such as x-rays and blood tests. Other diagnostic products are carried out in laboratories using sophisticated equipment such as mass spectrometers and DNA sequencers.

Medical devices are another important part of the medical diagnostics industry. Medical devices help doctors diagnose patients more quickly and accurately than ever before. Some common medical devices used in the diagnosis of patients include portable molecular workstations.

Cutting-edge gene technology of Sansure

With its cutting-edge gene technology at its core, Sansure Biotech Inc. is a provider of in vitro diagnostic solutions that integrate diagnostic agents, tools, and independent clinic laboratory services. iPonatic® III – Portable Molecular Workstation, one of Sansure’s comprehensive diagnostic solutions, made its premiere at Medica 2022. This molecular workstation can rapidly sequence, analyze and compare the entire genome of a patient in just a few hours. This allows doctors to more accurately diagnose and treat diseases, making it a key player in the field of genomic medicine.


The Sansure Portable Molecular Workstation was a big hit at the Medical Diagnostics Exhibition! This sleek and modern machine is perfect for conducting molecular diagnostics, such as DNA sequencing or antibody testing. Not only is the machine extremely versatile, but it also offers fast results – making it a great choice for medical professionals who need to get quick answers to their diagnostic questions. Get in touch with us to learn more about this cutting-edge technology!

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