Vip Lottery Prediction is the most prestigious and accurate lottery prediction channel for the 3 regions of the North, Central, and South today in Vietnam. Let’s go with the dealer new889.blue Analyze this VIP lottery prediction channel through the article below.

What is Vip lottery prediction?

Vip Lottery Prediction is a VIP 3-region lottery prediction system chosen and trusted by many players. Participating in Cau Lo VIP, you will be distributed by the system with highly accurate number pairs and completely free.

The sets of numbers are given based on research from the most effective prediction methods. Thereby, Cau Lo VIP’s experts have analyzed extremely carefully so that the selected numbers are the most attractive and have a high explosion rate.

Besides, the beautiful numbers chosen by experts are based on the results of previous draws. Through that, the system will find out and give accurate today’s vip prediction results. So players only need to spend a few minutes researching and consulting to quickly lock in the pair of numbers that bring the most fortune for themselves and the station.

Predict and look at VIP lottery numbers for Northern lottery today

Special Northern lottery prediction today

24 28 bridges 64%
56 30 bridges 67%
89 21 bridges 78%
09 40 bridges 66%
33 24 bridges 62%
05 26 bridges 63%
23 29 bridges 59%
37 33 bridges 77%
31 31 bridges 69%
80 35 bridges 58%

Closing the special Northern lot today is as follows

Bach Thu Lo 89
Double lotteries 89 – 37
Skewer 3 89 – 37 – 31

Advantages of VIP lottery prediction

Compared to many other lottery channels, VIP Lottery is always the number 1 choice of many participants. The reason today’s Vip lottery prediction channel has many special advantages is as follows:

  • The channel page provides you with many predictions about other lottery pairs and numbers. Therefore, players will have easier and standard choices before finalizing the numbers.
  • VIP lottery gives numbers based on research and statistics from previous draws.
  • Participants can consult with each expert operating in each region to provide the most authentic prediction results. For example: experts in Vip mb lottery prediction, Southern Vip lottery prediction, Platinum Dragon Vip lottery prediction, Vip mn lottery prediction…
  • VIP lottery provides beautiful numbers with high winning probability and is 100% free for players. Currently, many people have changed their lives, bought land, and invested in apartments thanks to consulting the number pairs from this channel page.
  • Coming to VIP lottery prediction, you will save more time in finding and choosing numbers. In addition, you will not have to predict or decide numbers based on emotion. Whether participants are new or old, you will also receive the most beautiful numbers from Cau Lo VIP’s system, Vip 247 lottery prediction, Vip lottery prediction 24h.

Why should you check Vip lottery numbers?

Many people who have played lottery for a long time still choose VIP lottery prediction first. So why is Cau Lo VIP so trusted by so many people? The reason is because:

Great reward rate

A high winning rate is always the criterion that lottery players often aim for. Therefore, when you come to VIP Lottery, the system will give you the lottery numbers to play during the day. However, these lotteries can be used to play in many different ways. This creates big winning opportunities for participants.

Especially if you know how to take advantage and invest in a “slightly” modest amount of capital for yourself. You will be able to earn billions with just 1 check and apply the appropriate money deposit method. According to VIP prediction experts, you should choose the method of depositing money combined with the form of raising money.

This is considered a form of betting that brings high winning rates and big wins for you. If you raise the right frame, you just need to sit at home and fortune will come into your house.

High winning rate

It is not surprising that VIP lottery prediction is highly appreciated by many players. The reason from ancient times until now this channel site has been known as providing lottery numbers for brothers with a high winning rate. Many players have changed their lives, bought land and apartments when they learned how to use the numbers that Cau Lo VIP provides.

Thanks to the above reputation, Cau Lo VIP is increasingly chosen by many people, especially new players. Coming to Cau Lo VIP, they don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort on predicting or choosing numbers. Instead, you just need to use the number pairs that the system provides and then choose the most suitable deposit method.

The lottery prediction method is simple and quick

For those who have played lottery for a long time, they all know that: the forms of prediction that Cau Lo VIP experts often apply are extremely simple with high winning rates. Thereby, any player can use these prediction methods to predict lottery results for themselves, even new players.

This is the reason why participants really like to participate in VIP prediction. Not only that, when participating in this channel page. You can also learn more skills and experience in prediction from veteran experts. By this way. You will learn and find your own prediction skills.

Super standard VIP 3-region lottery prediction method

If you want to accurately determine numbers, in addition to learning from experts’ opinions, you should also have some prediction methods for yourself. Below are the three-region VIP lottery prediction methods that are often used by VIP Lottery experts and bring the highest efficiency.

Check the lottery according to head 0 bottom 0

When using this prediction method. You need to pay attention to the special prize in the lottery results. Specifically, this prediction method is implemented as follows:

  • If you see the Northern Lottery results where the prize number appears in the middle of the prize, for the Southern and Central lottery results, the number 0 appears in the 4th or 5th position of the prize. Now the opportunity for you to choose a pair of numbers to bet on with a high expectation of winning has come.
  • Participants should choose pairs of numbers starting with 0 and ending with 0 to bet and raise the frame within 3 days. For example: 10, 20, 30…01, 02, 03…

To best apply this method, players need to have patience and record results accurately. In addition, if you have good observation ability, it will be a certain advantage.

Predict lottery numbers based on dynamic results

Dynamic prediction is quite similar to the traditional lottery prediction method that Vip lottery experts often use. However, compared to traditional lotto balls, they often break and the possibility of explosion is quite rare. On the contrary, dynamic betting has a much higher winning rate.

To predict the lottery according to the dynamic demand, participants need to choose the beautiful numbers chosen by many people. This set of numbers will be used by you to play all year round. However, you should not play with consecutive frequency. Because the urge usually comes back 1 or 2 days later, it doesn’t appear and then comes back the next day.

Not only that, you can choose to combine the first and last numbers of the 7th prize and the first prize. This is considered the number matching method that brings the highest explosive potential and is trusted by many Cau Lo VIP experts.

In addition, to win more money, you should bet on the pair of numbers you choose within 2 to 3 days. If the bet doesn’t come out, take a break for 1 to 2 days and then play again to look for a chance to win.


Above is a detailed introduction to the most prestigious and accurate VIP lottery prediction channel today in Vietnam. Hopefully, with the information that Galaxy New88 Lottery shares in the article, it will help readers have the most attractive new lottery prediction channel. Don’t forget to follow bookmaker New88 to continuously update the latest lottery playing experience articles from leading experts!

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