The Multifunctional Pencil Box Becomes A Style Hit

The multifunctional pencil box is not a typical item to buy, but it is becoming a very popular option. This article will go over the features of the Sunled stationery multifunctional pencil box, and why it has become popular so quickly.

The features of Sunled stationery’s multifunctional pencil box

  1. It is made of ABS plastic material, which has the characteristics of compression resistance, shock resistance, and durability, and can fully protect the stationery in the pencil case.
  2. Large capacity, full-featured, can hold five pencils. Sunled multifunctional pencil case also with a separate eraser space, a pencil sharpener, timetable cards, and a hidden calculator on the stationery cover.
  3. The multifunctional stationery box adopts the magnet adsorption design, which can better close the stationery box.
  4. Colors and patterns can be customized in batches, which can provide customers with unique designs.

Why did they become popular?

The first is their unique design. These stationery boxes have attractive designs and beautiful colors. They can not only store pens but also sharpen pencils or look up digital multiplication tables. The second is the multifunctional pencil case has kid-friendly prints, creative stationery with animals, or Disney fairy tales designed to suit current kids’ preferences. It is worth guaranteeing that these products can attract the attention of children.


Multifunctional pencil boxes are popular for a reason. Sunled’s multifunctional pencil box can stand out in this category of products because of our product-focused attitude, which can bring customers unique designs. If you need to customize a multifunctional pencil box in bulk, don’t miss Sunled stationery.

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