The Easiest Way to Play Uno That Beginners Should Understand

How to play uno This is information that many players learn about. This game not only brings fun and lots of laughter, but Uno also helps you develop your thinking and connect with friends. The article is below Nhà Cái Jun88 We will guide new players in the most detailed and easy-to-understand ways to play cards. Let’s find out!

Overview of information about uno card

Some information about the card game Uno

Uno is a game originating from America. The way to play Uno is to use a special deck of cards with prominent symbols and many different colors. The general principle of uno is based on Crazy Eights – another card game that is also extremely popular in the US.

This game quickly became passionate and loved by many people. Up to now, Uno has become one of the card games with the most participation by players around the world. Even though it was born a long time ago, uno has always been passed down and kept until now.

How to play uno in detail for beginners

Instructions on how to play uno most effectively for beginners

How to play uno That is, the dealer will first start dealing cards and shuffle 108, then distribute 7 cards equally to each player. The rest of the deck will be face down and placed in the middle of the table. Next, the dealer will start drawing the first card from the remaining cards.

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The purpose is to choose the card to play first and then determine the next turn. You will next be tasked with playing cards based on the following principles:

Play cards of the same color or the same number

The first principle in How to play uno That means playing the same color or the same number. You have the right to choose cards of the same value to play. This principle will not be too complicated for you to implement.

Play out cards with special functions

The second principle in How to play uno That means you can play cards with special functions. Because these cards can be played at any time. If you do not have a card to play, the player must draw one more card from the remaining deck.

Keep doing this until you still have 2 cards in your hand. Before hitting down, the player must say “Uno” to be able to signal to others. If you forget to announce and are later discovered by the other side, you may have to draw 2 more cards. In case no one catches your mistake, you can easily come first.

End of the uno game

In How to play uno The game will end when someone runs out of cards. Then proceed to calculate points for the remaining players:

  • Add up the total points of the remaining cards in your hand.
  • All card numbers (0 to 9) will be calculated using the points written on the cards.
  • Draw 2, Forbidden, and Reverse cards will be counted as 20 points.
  • Color-changing cards drawn 4 will be counted as 50 points.
  • The total points of all losers are added to the winner of that game.
  • Continue playing Uno games until one player gets 500 points and can win.

Some notes to keep in mind when playing uno for beginners

Notes you need to know in how to play uno

When participating in any game, you must learn the points to note as well as the tips you need to know to play more smoothly.To be able to play uno easily, you should know a few things to note below:

  • PlayerYou should play the cards with high scores first. This will help your final score not be too large to rank last. Note that you should strategize for each turn to win.
  • The player can also let the Change Color function card then Change Color draw the last 4 though How to play unoThis is a bit risky. Because no matter what, you win after saying “Uno”, unless you don’t say it and get another card drawn.
  • These function cards are quite important, so players should use them when they cannot continue playing to be able to prevent themselves from needing to turn the situation around. It is best for you to play in the last turns when you have 2 cards left to be sure of your chance of winning.

Above is an article sharing the whole thing How to play uno easiest to understandJun88 share with you. Surely by now you have mastered how to play as well as what to note when playing, right? Hope you will win and have fun playing.

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