Six Simple Hacks to Boost your Internet Speed

In this digital age, our lives are intertwined with the internet in such a way that high-speed internet has become a necessity. Several devices use the internet, and we all need a connection that works at its best as most of our activities depend on it. Thus, it is safe to say that it is quite difficult to imagine a world without the internet.

However, no one likes a slow internet connection because it affects their work at large. After all, if the internet is not providing us the speed we need, then is there any other purpose it serves? Well, we don’t think so!

Sometimes the internet signals might be inconsistent, but fortunately, there are several ways to fix a slow-speed internet connection. So, if you are suffering from slow internet speed, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we have listed six hacks via which you can improve your internet speed.

First Things First

Before we discuss the ways to boost the speed of your home internet, it is suggested that you check your internet speed online. You might not be aware of the internet speed you are getting. So, you should run a speed test and check whether you are getting all the data you are paying for or not.

You can use SpeedTest Master – a powerful tool that can help you measure your internet speed and ping response time and can even test the signals of your Wi-Fi strength. With just one tap, you will get accurate speed results, but ensure you stop all the activities that require intensive data like streaming or gaming. By following this advice, you will get accurate speed reports, which should match what is stated in your ISP’s plan.

Having said this, let’s move towards some hacks via which you can boost your internet speed.

Six Incredible Hacks to Increase Your Internet Speed

Below, we have listed some of the incredible ways via which you can increase the speed of your internet.

Reset Your Equipment

The modem is how the internet comes into your home, and the router spreads its signals across your home. So, consider turning off your modem and leaving it for at least 1 minute. This helps clear out the glitches. In addition, sometimes there can be a problem with your router’s signals because, at times, it heats up and impacts your router’s internet signals. And rebooting it might help in fixing the connectivity issues.

Yes, you need to ensure that both devices are working well, so you can have a better connection. As simple as it sounds, it can be an effective way to boost your internet speeds.

Reduce Obstructions

Most people do not pay heed to this step, but obstructions in the path of the Wi-Fi signals affect the speed of your internet. For instance, if the signals have to pass through walls, ceilings, or furniture, then your Wi-Fi signals will get weak.

Therefore, to eliminate the issue, it is significant for you to place the router in the centermost room and on the highest furniture. Never place your router in the basement or near the closet because the signals are likely to be affected. This placement puts the router closer to all the devices around the house.

Clear Your Cache

Sometimes, when your browser isn’t loading, you might feel that it is because of a slow internet connection. However, that’s not true because most of you might not know or be aware that they visit several websites daily and every website stores a cache.

The cache is where your browser tends to store images and other files, without them, your browser will have to reload everything. This, in turn, causes your browser to use up more bandwidth than usual. On the one hand, this speeds up the performance of your browser, but on the other, it makes your browser sluggish. Therefore, clearing up your cache may speed up your connection.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan

Some people make the mistake of choosing the wrong internet package.

If you are looking for a better internet connection, then we recommend you choose Windstream Internet. It offers an excellent internet connection that does not lag, and you do not even have to break the bank to subscribe to its services. As the provider offers several speed tiers to meet the entertainment and business needs of the people. And no matter which package you choose, you will get unlimited data. You can click here if you are interested in knowing more about its plans and packages.

Change Your Wi-Fi Frequency Band

Wireless routers usually come with two bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Thus, your connection’s speed and strength depend on the band you use.

A 2.4 GHz band travels farther at a lower speed and covers a larger area, but 5 GHz frequencies provide faster speed at a shorter range. Thus, 2.4 GHz is well suited for a home that is equipped with smart home technology. For instance, if you use a smart security camera, smart microwave, or other smart appliances, then choose 2.4 GHz. But if speed is your priority and you do a lot of high-bandwidth activities online, then you should go for 5 GHz. In addition, if you have an advanced router, then you can consider using both bands to maximize the speed. So, always understand your internet use and check the band of your router, so you can use the internet seamlessly.

Adjust the Antennas of Your Router

Since your router comes with external antennas, you should reconfigure them. Because the internet routers are typically omnidirectional. Thus, the signals are sent perpendicular to the antennas. So, if the antennas are pointed incorrectly, you will have less signal strength and lesser Wi-Fi speeds. Therefore, you should configure the antennas horizontally for better signals.

All in All

It is safe to say that the internet is no longer a luxury, as most of our work depends on a high-speed connection. Therefore, you need to use a better internet connection. But no matter how great your internet connection is, sometimes you are likely to face a slow-speed connection at some point in life. Therefore, consider using some hacks to boost your internet speed.

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