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Revolutionizing Retail Efficiency: Introducing Hanshow’s Nebular Electronic Price Tags

Electronic price tags have become essential in streamlining retail operations, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. Hanshow introduces Nebular as the next generation of ESL technology, offering unparalleled lifespan, functionality, and durability.

Nebular’s Unibody Design and Long Battery Life

Nebular sets itself apart with its innovative unibody design. The flexible ion battery is completely encased within the ESL, providing several advantages. This design feature minimizes power consumption, allowing Nebular to operate efficiently for up to 15 years. Retailers can enjoy long-lasting performance without the hassle of frequent battery replacements, ensuring uninterrupted operations and cost savings.

Nebular’s IP68 Protection for Enduring Performance

Nebular is built to withstand the challenges of various retail environments. With an IP68 protection rating, it offers exceptional durability and resistance against the elements. This industrial-grade protection ensures Nebular remains fully operational, even in demanding conditions. Retailers can confidently deploy Nebular in diverse settings, from busy supermarkets to outdoor retail spaces, knowing that the ESL will maintain its performance and reliability.


Hanshow’s Nebular electronic price tags represent a significant advancement in ESL technology. With its unibody design and long battery life, Nebular delivers exceptional functionality and durability, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. The Nebular’s IP68 protection further enhances its endurance, making it suitable for a wide range of retail environments. Embrace the cutting-edge technology of Nebular and optimize your retail operations with Hanshow’s innovative ESL solution. Experience improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced performance with Nebular electronic price tags.

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