Online Lottery – Bet Immediately, Win Huge Prizes

Online lottery attract the attention and participation in the experience of many lottery players and bettors. This form of betting entertainment is not only interesting but also helps many people change their lives. Please follow the sharing from bookmaker NEW88 below to better understand this extremely hot service.

Why is online lottery popular with many players?

Compared to the traditional lottery version, online betting gives bettors many unexpected and unprecedented benefits such as:

The betting process is super simple

If with a normal lottery, players will have to go directly to the agent to buy tickets and wait for the results. Those who are lucky enough to win bets will have to go to agents or lottery stations to receive their prizes, which is very inconvenient and time-consuming.

That’s why the birth of online lottery is considered a revolution. This service allows bettors to choose numbers, place bets and receive rewards quickly in just a few minutes through the bookmaker.

Legality and safety are emphasized

In order to bring the most perfect online betting experience to lottery players and bettors, the service has been licensed by PAGCOR. This is the most trusted betting association in Southeast Asia, specializing in licensing qualified bookmakers and services.

Not only that, online lotteries are also equipped with a series of the most modern security systems such as SSL, firewalls, multi-layer data encryption… This helps new players feel completely secure when participating in betting. Bet without worrying about getting into legal trouble or having your personal data exposed every time you participate.

Super-fast online lottery transactions

Another plus point of the online lottery service that receives many positive feedback is the quick deposit and withdrawal process. Accordingly, bettors only take about 1 minute to complete depositing bets and withdrawing prizes after choosing the correct winning number. Besides, players are also provided with many more professional transaction methods such as using e-wallets, Internet Banking, scratch cards, QR Code… very convenient.

Revealing the biggest NEW88 online lottery promotions

During the process of online lottery betting, bettors also have the opportunity to receive many great incentives with a total value of billions of dong such as:

Bonus for online number selection

When depositing money to play online lottery for the first time, bettors will receive a bonus corresponding to 100% of the deposit value. This amount will be added directly to the player’s account immediately after successful deposit to use in the next bets. In addition, from the second deposit onwards, lottery players and lottery players will also receive a bonus of up to 30% of the total value loaded into the service.

Rewards for winning consecutive online lottery bets

The best players who correctly predict the lottery prize many times in a row will also be rewarded with additional cash. The more times you choose correct numbers, the higher the bonus will be. This bonus can be withdrawn and used by bettors when the balance from the winning bet reaches the prescribed minimum level.

Refund your bet if you fail

Unlucky players who predict the wrong online lottery results will also have their bets refunded. The highest online lottery refund rate is up to 2% per day for players. Therefore, you can safely bet without worrying about losing all your capital after losing many times. This will be a reserve capital for players to regain what was previously lost.

Experience in lottery betting to easily win big for newbies

To have the opportunity to win big money from online lottery, in addition to the element of luck, players also need to know a few tricks:

  • Statistics of results regularly to choose numbers: Compiling data from previous days’ tournaments is an important factor that new players cannot ignore. Through statistics, you will know which numbers are potential and have the highest probability of entering.
  • Apply many prediction strategies: In online lottery, prediction is a trick that helps increase the winning rate to more than 80%. Currently, there are many different methods of predicting numbers such as head and tail, white-handed prediction, double-handed prediction, daily betting, silver memory… to use.
  • Absolutely do not play online lottery all at once due to the high risk of losing.


All the most unique information about online lottery has been shared in the article. We hope that new players have learned about a classy service and are confident in participating in winning prizes. Please look forward to the next articles at NEW88 casino to discover more about this high quality version of betting entertainment.

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