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NA8 Air Circuit Breaker: Versatile Protection for Electrical Systems

Designed to provide reliable protection for electrical systems, the CHINT NA8 ACB offers a versatile range of features and configurations. With rated voltages ranging from 380V to 1150V, 3 or 4 pole options, and various mounting and connection modes, the NA8 ACB ensures efficient and customizable circuit protection. In this article, we will explore the key features of the CHINT NA8 ACB, emphasizing its suitability for diverse applications.

Flexible Voltage and Pole Options

The CHINT NA8 ACB is designed to accommodate different voltage requirements. With rated voltages of 380/400/415V, 690V, 800V, and 1000/1150V, it can seamlessly integrate into a wide range of electrical systems. Additionally, the NA8 ACB offers both 3 and 4 pole configurations, allowing for greater flexibility in system design and installation.

Reliable Circuit Protection

The primary function of the CHINT NA8 ACB is to provide reliable circuit protection. It is designed to detect and interrupt abnormal current flow caused by overloads, short circuits, or other electrical faults. With its advanced tripping mechanisms and intelligent protection features, the NA8 ACB circuit breaker ensures the swift and efficient isolation of faulty circuits, protecting electrical equipment and minimizing potential damage.

Customizable and Efficient Operation

The CHINT NA8 ACB offers customizable settings and features to optimize its operation. It provides adjustable tripping curves and selective coordination options, allowing for precise protection coordination and tailored circuit response. Additionally, the ACB incorporates advanced monitoring and communication capabilities, enabling remote operation, real-time monitoring, and enhanced system diagnostics.


The CHINT NA8 Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) is a versatile and reliable solution for protecting electrical systems in various applications. With its flexible voltage and pole options, multiple mounting and connection modes, the NA8 ACB offers seamless integration into diverse electrical installations. Its reliable circuit protection capabilities, customizable operation, and advanced monitoring features ensure the safety and efficiency of the electrical system.

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