Mornsun: Offers Superior Energy Solutions For Photovoltaic Power Tracking Systems

The Mornsun Photovoltaic Power series of power modules provide an ultra-broad input voltage range and temperature range, allowing the control system to acquire power directly from the solar panels, assuring dependable operation. To maintain the stability of the circuit, the module is equipped with 4000VAC isolation voltage, output overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, and anti-reverse connection protection.

Benefit Of Products

1) The optimal group string power distribution system

– Input voltage range: 300-1500VDC, maximum 1700VDC (duration 10S).

– Power may be received directly from the high-voltage bus, which simplifies the system’s power architecture, eliminates the need for extra photovoltaic (PV) panels, maximizes area for power production, and increases efficiency; No additional power supply line is required, installation and maintenance are simple, and costs are reduced.

2) Help clients cut expenses

– Industry-leading 350W high-power density PV350 series, whose 350W enables a single Tracker to drive more PV panels, hence decreasing the number of Trackers needed per megawatt and resulting in an estimated 30% total cost reduction.

3) Extremely secure insulation and excellent dependability

– The isolation voltage of this series of goods is 4000VAC: the original secondary side satisfies the strengthening insulation grade, and the original secondary side’s isolation voltage to ground is 4000VAC.

– Protection against input Undervoltage, reverse connection, output short circuit, overvoltage, overload, and overtemperature.

– The products conform with UL1741 and EN62109 certifications, may be used at an altitude of 5000 meters, and are safe and dependable.

4) Extensive temperature working range, ultra-low power consumption, and good performance

– Temperature operating range: -40°C to +85°C

– 92% productivity.

5) Safety of several patented technologies

The product’s functionality

Bus boxes, photovoltaic tracking systems, centralized inverters, group series inverters, photovoltaic energy storage, photovoltaic water pump system, and other solar equipment utilize it extensively.


Based on its best-selling PV200-29Bxx series, Mornsun has successfully developed the PV350-29Bxx (TR) series with more power, better performance, and higher efficiency via a technological breakthrough. For the photovoltaic tracking system, this series has the characteristics of ultra-high voltage input, wide operating temperature, high efficiency, and small size, and the safety design meets the requirements of CSA/CE/UL, is safe and reliable to meet the high-reliability needs of customers. In addition, the TR series offers a 5-year warranty.

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