Knife Fighting Cockfighting and Top 5 Reasons You Should Play Cockfighting at Nhacaiuytin

Knife cockfighting Considered one of the most popular betting games in the world Bookmaker Nhacaiuytin. Perhaps because this betting game makes players feel extremely nervous because it is broadcast live on the house’s game homepage. Moreover, it also helps many players earn extra income with just a few clicks. Follow the following article to understand more Knife cockfighting you!

Learn the basics of cockfighting with knife spurs

Knife cockfighting Simply understood, it is a fight between two cocks in the cockfighting arena. However, this form of play is different from some other types of play in that the cock will have a knife spur attached to the spur. Knife spurs are one of the factors that make the battle more intense because of its high damage.

With this form of cockfighting, bettors will be delighted by the drama in the arena. Chickens with spurs attached to sharp knives will be easier to determine winners and losers. Because any chicken that is strong will have sharp knife and spur skills to quickly make the opponent fall.

The knife spurs that the fighting cocks carry are weapons made of metal, sharpened specifically for chickens. When wearing this spur, the chickens are required to have the skill to dodge attacks, requiring agility in movements.

Attaching a knife to the spur not only increases the strength of the fighting cocks but also shows a tenacious fighting spirit. The sharpness of the knife can be a tool to help the fighting cock create fatal blows, but it can also be a hindrance if not well trained.

Note some cockfighting rules hereNhacaiuytin

For any betting game, if you want to become a winner, understanding the rules of the game is extremely necessary. Here are some rules for playing cockfighting at the house Nhacaiuytin making the game attract more and more participants:

  • First, the match will only end when one of the following two situations occurs. In case 1, one of the two chickens died or was knocked down to the point where it could not stand up and continue fighting.

In case 2, if both cocks fall at the same time, then it will be the referee’s duty. The referee will raise and lower both chickens consecutively. The chicken that is still standing will win.

  • A cockfight will last about 10 minutes to 15 minutes depending on the nature of each match. However, there are also matches that last only 2 minutes because of the big difference between the physical strength of the two chickens.

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2 popular chicken breeds for effective cock fighting

A matchKnife cockfighting Quality or not will largely depend on the player’s choice of fighting chicken breed. Below are two chicken breeds recommended by many experienced players that are suitable for fighting cocks with knives attached:

Chickens are of the Peruvian variety

Peruvian breed chickens, as the name implies, are bred in Peru. Peruvian chickens are famous for their excellent training and breeding methods. The chickens here all have healthy physiques, extremely good physical strength and impeccable skills. Because of these good characteristics, this breed of chicken is sought after by many people to choose their own fighting chicken, especially choosing to participate in knife fights.

Chicken breeds in America

American chickens are a breed of chicken raised in the United States with quite small characteristics. However, do not judge these fighting cocks as weak based on their appearance. Because these chickens can surprise you with their lightning speed and flexibility in any situation when attacked.

You should know the knowledge to choose a fighting chicken

Knowledge about fighting cocks and luck are two of the factors that determine your victory in each match. Therefore, we will share some knowledge to choose a knife fighting cock for your reference:

Choose chicken according to experienced players

  • Choose for yourself a quality and long-standing reputable bookmaker like Nhacaiuytin to play cockfighting betting;
  • Don’t forget to consult cockfighters who have extensive experience in choosing chicken breeds as well as how to select quality chickens to increase your chances of winning;
  • You should take some time to review some of the matches on the cocks you intend to bet on before entering the match.

Choose to fight cockfighting based on health and charisma criteria

  • First, you should pay attention to choosing chickens that do not have keels or are not slimy and especially do not have a bad smell;
  • As for the chicken wings, this is one of the factors you should choose most carefully because it will determine the win or loss. Chickens with wings with many kicks, fast, wide and strong wingspan are potential chickens for you;
  • Next, choose chickens with strong legs, must stand firmly when released from the head down;
  • Don’t forget to test the chicken’s skills. You can use another chicken to test the agility in using skills such as dodging attacks, flying kicks or attacking with spurs, etc. It can be very difficult. Look at the skill above directly so you can follow the shape to recognize it.

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Top 5 characteristics that make many cockfighting players excited about Nhacaiuytin

Below are some of the characteristics of cockfighting betting that make any player participate in cockfighting Nhacaiuytin Absolutely loved:

Makes viewers satisfied

Knife cockfighting or cockfighting with iron spurs are all forms that make this sport more popular than ever. Every moment in the match cannot make players take their eyes off. Because these are performances of fighting cocks with beautiful kicks and speedy moves that make viewers excited.

Attractive because it is difficult to predict the results

Unlike many other types of betting, Knife cockfighting Requires players to watch live on the house’s broadcast. Therefore, the knowledge of choosing a chicken is only a small part, whether or not you win depends a lot on the luck of the participant.

Many cockfighting schedules during the day

Because like many other cockfights, cockfights with knife spurs only last for 10 to 15 minutes at most. There are many matches that only take place in the first 2-3 minutes of the match. This also means that there will be many matches scheduled in one day. Players can rely on the match schedule available on the homepage to choose a viewing time that suits their free time.

Everyone has a chance to win the bet

Fighting cocks are often extremely carefully trained in both physical strength and skill. Therefore, any bettor has a great chance of winning. Every chicken has a sharp weapon and well-trained skills. Just come to the game and be able to unleash all your attacks to quickly defeat your opponent.

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