How to Add Ads in WordPress To Make Money with Your Blog

Effective advertising management on your WordPress site is very important. In fact, using banners is a great way to create an extra form of making money using your blog.

Since managing these elements is not always easy and simple, you can use WordPress plugins to help you create, embed and track your ads. This way you can easily make money from your home with a WordPress blog and make better use of your online presence.

How to Add ads in WordPress to Make Money with Your Blog

In this article, we will introduce the tools that we consider to be the best for putting ads on a website to make money from your WordPress site.


How to add Ads to WordPress website, make money with Adrotate

AdRotate is a very popular and powerful plugin (downloaded almost a million times and with an excellent rating), which allows you to effectively organize your banners and make money on advertising without wasting time.

With this tool, you can customize your entries not only individually, but also in groups. You can easily determine the position of your ads on the site, select the expiration date and change the codes of your banners.

With the free version of the plugin, you can manage both your ads and ads on networks such as Google AdSense.

The functionality of the plugin is not limited to this. In fact, you can view the performance statistics of your records and, if you are still not satisfied, install the Pro version of the plugin, which offers several additional features.

For example, you can use a geographic location to target specific banner ads only to users in a specific location in the world. The AdRotate Pro version costs from € 29 for a single-user license to € 299 for an unlimited license.


How to add ads on wordpress website, make money with OIO Publisher

OIOpublisher is another great plugin if you want to make money on advertising. I recommend using this tool if you are already an expert in inserting banner ads. This is a truly paid tool (Premium).

By choosing OIOpublisher, you can maximize revenue, control your offers and save time. The plugin is integrated into the real market, where you can enter your site to sell an ad slot. OIOpublisher also has an affiliate program that you can use to register to receive a 50% commission on the sale of the plugin.

The cost of this tool is $ 47 and applies to the use of this plugin on all of your websites.

For this payment, you can get all the winnings without paying an OIOpublisher commission. You can completely control the sale of advertising space by viewing ads in various advertising networks near yours.


How to add ads on wordpress website, make money with Adella

Selling high-traffic ads on your site requires a lot of traffic. If you already have an established online presence, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to advertising programs. However, if your website is still not visited frequently and you are looking for a simpler tool than OIOPublisher, AdSella can do it for you.

Registration requires only 5000 visits per month. This is much easier to achieve than the high numbers needed to approve BuySellAds or PublicityClerks.

Through AdSella, you can instantly receive payments through PayPal or Stripe. To use it, all you have to do is copy the code that you get on your site and the ad slot will be on sale.

Using the plugin you can control the size, color, and text of unsold rooms.

At this point, you may be wondering why I did not install this plugin first because it has all these positive aspects. Unfortunately, the fee for this tool is quite high and amounts to 15% of the profit.

For this reason, I recommend using these plugins if your site generates enough traffic to be approved by BuySellAds or by PublicityClerks.


In this post, we explained how to add ads to the wordpress website to make money. We worked together to find out which plugins are the best to increase your sales and save valuable time.

Do you advertise on your site?

What tool do you use to place banner ads on your platform?

Let us know your experience by leaving a message below.

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