Commonly Used Types of Buzzing in Phom 2024

What are the types of buzzing in phom? This is a common question of most people new to this card game. If you still don’t have the answer to this problem. Please follow the information below New 88 bookmaker for details about the types of buzzing included in the game Phom.

Common types of Buzzing in Phom – What is Buzzing?

One of the most popular types of buzzing in phom today is khan buzzing. It is used to describe the case where a player cannot arrange into any pair, pair or phom of 9 to 10 cards in hand. This situation has posed a great difficulty for bettors. Therefore, everyone wants to avoid this situation so as not to lose cards and then fail in the game.

Terminology when playing buzzing in phom

In this section, we will introduce you to common termstypes of buzzing in phom and usage. Please follow along to grasp its basic meaning:

  • ù: This is a term used to refer to a person who can put down all his cards in phom. Or you can capture one of your opponent’s cards and have no cards left in your hand. The player in this case will be given the highest score in the game.
  • Phom: Is a combination of at least 3 cards of the same type or suit at the same time, consecutively in order from A to K. For example, 6-7-8 of Hearts, 7-8-9 of spades,…
  • Phom Wait: This is a collection of two consecutive cards of the same suit or of the same type in order A to K. For example, 7-8 Heart, J-Q pass… You can play more or draw 1 card to create phom.
  • Mom: Is when the player does not own any phom waiting or phom. You can choose to take or play the above junk cards to minimize the number of points in your hand to the maximum or create phom.
  • Pawn: This term means that a person plays a card that no one else can take. At this point, you have the right to take more cards from the deck.
  • Temple: Is a situation where a person plays a card that the opponent wins and busts. At the same time, the side that pays the card needs to pay the opponent and the buzzer.

 Summary of types of buzzing in current phom

In the game Phom, there will be many different buzzing situations, each situation will have its own rules and meaning. Below we will summarize the popular types of buzzing today.

Buzzing temple

This is one of the types of buzzing in phom, especially this type is used to refer to players placing a set of 3 cards. At the same time, the opponent who is the next person will choose to eat to create 1 phom.

In the situation in thecasino This, when you place a set of 3 cards, you will have to pay a certain amount of compensation to your opponent. Details will be determined based on agreement before the match takes place.

Round buzzing

Round buzzing will appear in the game Phom when the player has just been dealt a card and already has 3 phoms. At this point, you can proceed to lower your cards without having to continue playing. Normally, the chance of a round-up happening is quite low, only lucky members will receive this wonderful deck of cards.
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When a player receives many pairs of J, Q, K with the intention of waiting until the last turn to receive the last card to create phom. But in the end, he was unlucky and did not receive that card. When you encounter this situation, it is called default. At this time, the final score will increase greatly, reducing the odds of winning for the bettor.

Need to pay attention to the types of buzzing in phom?

The rules, regulations and how to play Phom are not difficult to understand and can be grasped easily. To improve your winning rate as well as increase bonuses when participating in online phom, please follow the following important points:

Grasp the rules of the game

If you want to win big when experiencing online phom, understanding the rules of the game is extremely important. You need to understand how to calculate points, play cards and receive cards in this game. Please pay attention to comply with the rules on playing order to avoid losing money unjustly.

Observe the lesson carefully and concentrate

When the cards are dealt, observe whether they have been revealed. Look at your own cards to determine which suit is appearing a lot. This will help you choose reasonable cards and apply reasonable playing strategies.

Focus on playing high cards

Please note that the final result of the online phom game will be directly related to the total value of the remaining pieces. Therefore, when the winning rate is low, you should prioritize escaping with large cards to minimize the final total value. This strategy will increase the player’s winning rate in online phom.


The article has brought readers the most important information related to types of buzzing in phom. Hopefully, you will win many resounding victories and receive attractive rewards

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