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From Kristen

Writing a book is no joke. I first witnessed and participated in the process years ago when I edited my husband’s books, The Pure Heart of Yoga and Meditation for Your Life. In general, writing takes a serious willingness to explore yourself and your ideas. Then it takes time, patience, prayer, revisions, and more time. It also takes a village of support and love, which I had in spades. That means that I have a lot of gratitude to express

Writing a book can sometimes be an exercise in being alone. For the grace that they gave me in terms of extra time, I have to thank my family and friends for being loving and supportive forces in my life, giving me the space that I needed to work on the project, patiently missing me, and listening to my challenges as I sorted through the process of writing. I especially want thank my husband, Bob Butera, for his ongoing kindness, patience, and encouragement.

My Colleagues

Thank you to my writing colleague, Staffan Elgelid, for the incredible experiences we had together collaborating on this work over the last 5 years. Our paths intersected at just the right time, and our interactions have changed the way I think about and see the world. I look forward to continued collaborations and explorations in the years to come.

Thank you to my colleague and friend Erin Byron, who worked as a content editor. Her enthusiasm and tireless championing of the work has been an ongoing source of inspiration to me. The guidance and insights she brought to the writing process were invaluable, and the final product was very much improved as a result of all of her contributions.

The Team at Human Kinetics

My thanks to the team at Human Kinetics. Acquisitions editor Michelle Maloney asked for a manuscript proposal at just the right time. Her willingness to discuss and explore our interests ignited the potential themes of the book, and her belief in the value of our work made the book possible. Developmental editor Tom Heine’s insightful comments and attention to all of the details shaped the structure of the work. Photographer Neil Bernstein’s keen eye brought it all to life in pictures. I know that there are even more people behind the scenes who came together to help bring our vision into reality, and I thank you all.

To My Significant Teachers

When you accumulate the amount of yoga education that I have over the years, you owe a debt of gratitude to all who forged that path of expansion of yoga in the West. There have been many teachers over the years to whom I am grateful, but a few stand out as having helped me become who I am today. Darlene DePasquale helped me create the foundations of my practice and inspired me to become a teacher. Trailblazer Paul Grilley introduced me to the concept of structural variety and changed my approach early on in my teaching journey.

Gil Hedley helped me to connect the study of anatomy to a sense of sacred inner knowing. Movement maven Jill Miller profoundly inspired my leadership and movement skills at a crucial time in my personal and professional development.

Last word

Bill Harvey guided my somatic journey and helped me to integrate my experience of self. My extraordinary husband, Bob Butera, continues to be my greatest teacher. His commitment to our marriage and the work that we do together in the world has given me a true partner on the path of enlightenment.

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