4 How to Play Checkers – Super Hot Modern Folk Game

How to play checkers This is information not to be missed for those who love this subject. Searching for information and consulting tips on how to play effectively is due to Trang Chủ Hi88 provided below help you possess greater strength in your matches.

Learn the most accurate rules of playing checkers from Hi88

Caro is a game using a 19×19 square chess board, with 2 players. One person owns X and the other person O. Whoever arranges all 5 symbols into a line first wins. Below are the specific fighting rules for those who do not know.

The latest rules of playing checkers today

At the beginning of a betting game, each person will spend a certain amount of bet money. Next, both of them will take turns typing their symbols in the form of X and O as prescribed from the beginning. When it’s your turn to play, you need to check the empty box on the board.

How to make your 5 symbols lie on the same line, be it vertically, horizontally or diagonally. In addition, it is necessary to meet the condition of not being blocked at both ends by the opponent’s symbol to be counted as a win.

Normally, the house system will set a time period of 40 seconds for you to make your bet. If at the end you still haven’t checked any squares, you will be considered a loser.

The law of draw in checkers

Learn about How to play checkers It is impossible not to understand the rules of the tie between the two sides, there will be a few cases as follows:

  • During the competition, one player asks for a tie and the other player agrees.
  • For checkers that have gone all the way but have not yet won or lost, the house system will also consider them as a draw.

How are results determined?

When you apply the effective way of playing checkers, you will have the opportunity to receive attractive bonuses. To see if you win or lose, how much money you will win and lose:

  • If you win at chess, you will receive 1 bet from the loser.
  • The loser will be fined the amount of the original bet.
  • If two players tie, each player will receive the exact amount of their original bet. Don’t add or subtract 1 penny.

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4 Ways Playing checkers online always wins

Checkers at Hi88 The gameplay is similar to the traditional way. Therefore, if you have played a lot, you probably don’t have to worry about the final result. However, newbies are different. You can follow the great tips or tricks below to apply to your competition.

Focus on attack rather than defense

In checkers, being 1 step ahead is a huge advantage that affects the outcome of the match. You must always think in your head how to both block your opponent’s path and at the same time, that move must also strengthen your position.

If you no longer have dangerous moves, you need to think of a way to attack your opponent. To do this, you need experience and practical experience. Surely if you are not a strong chess player, your opponent will not be able to react in time How to play checkers This is yours.

Diagonal attacks distract the opponent

One of the strategies most used by checkers players is diagonal attack. However, to have a valid diagonal line, you need to build it by typing any horizontal or vertical line.

This tactic has the advantage of surprising your opponents, and at the same time it helps your network expand and give you more chances to win. Often people apply How to play checkers Diagonal lines will cause the opponent to lose painfully because they cannot see the situation in time.

Using the positive plan to stimulate the west – how to play checkers effectively

Distraction is one of the best ways to be applied in many fields, including checkers. That means you will lead the opponent in the direction you want, and then win with a completely different stance.

The characteristic of this move is alternating horizontal and vertical attacks. There should be as much distance between the straight lines in the plan as possible. This makes the opponent unsuspecting, unguarded and fall into the trap.

Have the skill to break deadlock in a battle

Looking ahead and flexibly assessing the situation is key How to play checkers  Hi88 effective in theory. Below are a few alarming cases for your situation, you must definitely launch an attack plan promptly to save it.

  • When the opponent has 3 chess moves in a straight line: Play immediately on one of the two ends of this straight line, taking note of choosing the end closest to your piece.
  • The opponent has a row of 4 moves that has blocked one end or a row of 4 that has not been blocked but is divided into 2 different parts: It is best to hit the other end or fill in the empty box of the split line.

Hope these How to play checkers Sharing above will be useful to you. Those who are passionate about this subject and have not found a reputable address should not ignore the bookmaker Hi88. This is a famous top quality unit, you will definitely find the best experience when participating in the game.

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