The Perfect Tool for Precision and Control in Cinematic Filmmaking

As a passionate filmmaker, they have discovered the game-changing Follow Focus System by SmallRig. This remarkable accessory has revolutionized their approach to capturing cinematic shots, offering unparalleled precision and control.

Seamless Wireless Control

SmallRig’s Follow Focus System provides seamless wireless control over the focus of camera lens. With the wireless remote in hand, you can effortlessly adjust the focus, allowing you to achieve smooth and accurate transitions between subjects. Gone are the days of manual focus adjustments, which often resulted in missed shots or shaky footage. This system allows you to focus on creative vision while ensuring every frame is crisp and professional.

Q&A: Addressing Common User Queries

Is the Follow Focus System easy to set up and calibrate?

Absolutely! SmallRig has designed the system to be user-friendly and straightforward to set up. It includes detailed instructions and intuitive controls for calibration, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Can I control the focus remotely from a distance?

Yes, the Follow Focus System provides a remarkable wireless range, allowing you to control the focus from a distance of up to 100 meters. This is especially beneficial for shooting in challenging or hard-to-reach locations.

Does the system support autofocus functionality?

SmallRig’s Follow Focus System primarily focuses on manual control of the lens. While it does not offer autofocus functionality, it provides the precision and control needed for professional filmmaking.

Invest in SmallRig’s Follow Focus System, and unlock a world of creative possibilities. Elevate your filmmaking and bring your vision to life with precision and control. Happy filmmaking!

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