SMPO MESH – The Best Refillable Vape Device for Vapers

Refillable vapes have become a popular choice among vapers as they offer the flexibility of choosing their favorite e-liquid and also help to reduce waste. SMPO MESH is a new addition to the SMPO product range that redefines the concept of disposable vapes. It is refillable, rechargeable, and airflow adjustable. In this blog, we will discuss some of the key features of the SMPO MESH that make it the best refillable vape device in the market.

Key Features of the SMPO MESH

The SMPO MESH comes with a powerful output driven by 20 wattage, which makes it beyond a disposable vape. It is equipped with a Type-C charging port that allows for faster charging, and the battery life is impressive. With its refillable pod, you can use any e-liquid of your choice, making it a more economical option than disposable vapes. The pod has a capacity of 1.2ml and is easy to refill. You can easily fill the pod by removing the silicon plug at the bottom of the pod.

The SMPO MESH has an upgraded airflow system that ensures a safer vaping experience. The airflow is adjustable with a slide switch, and you can choose between classic MTL or DL modes. This makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers. The device is also equipped with a breakthrough airflow design that ensures that the airflow is not passing through the battery, reducing the risk of battery failure and making it safer to use.


In conclusion, the SMPO MESH is an excellent option for vapers looking for a refillable device that is both economical and reliable. With its adjustable airflow, powerful output, and easy-to-refill pod, the SMPO MESH is one of the best refillable vape devices on the market.

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