How to play Xoc Dia 3D helps you shine in every bet

What is the most effective way to play Xoc Dia 3D today? Are any of you looking for strategies to play this interesting game? If you still don’t know how to win more from this game, then the article below Trang Chủ Hi88 will help you.

What is Xoc Dia 3D?

Xoc Dia 3D is a coin toss game developed based on modern 3D technology. This game uses a virtual table, inside there is a virtual bowl, on top there will be 3 virtual dice. Players will place bets on one of the doors like in traditional coin toss.

However, Xoc Dia 3D has some outstanding features such as:

  • Xoc Dia 3D’s virtual table is designed with extremely realistic images and sounds, giving players a new feeling like experiencing a real casino.

Xoc Dia 3D has many other new and more attractive features such as:

  • This game has more betting options, giving players more choices.
  • There is a free play mode, which helps players practice before playing for real.
  • The game has an online mode, allowing players to play with other players from anywhere around the world.

Detailed rules of Xoc Dia 3D for beginners

Before learning how to play, let’s master the rules of the game first. Specifically:

  • The first 15 seconds of the betting game is the time for players to choose to bet.
  • After these 15 seconds, the house will close the betting window and start the automatic coin toss version. When the dice stop and the lid is opened, the dealer will compare the results of the dice with the predictions of the experts.
  • Players participating in Xoc Dia 3D who predict correctly will become the winner and the winning or losing results will be announced right on the main screen for all participating members.

In short, the rules of this game are very simple and easy to understand, even if you are a new player, you can easily grasp the rules quickly. If there are any difficulties, it is probably only for users who are not familiar with technology.

How many bets does Xoc Dia 3D currently have?

This game is an online betting genre, so each house will often make additional changes and creativity in the format or gameplay to create unique differences and attractions for their game. But in general, the bets of Xoc Dia 3D are not affected too much, usually there will be 8 bets. Specifically:

  • Door 4 white: There are 4 dice faces that are all white, then the winner gets a reward of 1 to 12.
  • Door 4 is red: Will appear when all 4 dice are white, then the winner will receive a reward of 1 to 12.
  • Door 3 white and red: This is when the result has 3 white buttons and 1 red button, the odds will decrease to 1 to 2.6.
  • Door 3 red and 1 white: This is when the result has 3 red buttons and 1 white button, the odds will be 1 to 2.6.
  • Dooreven: There will be odds of 1 to 0.96, appearing when the number of one side is even.
  • Odd door: On the contrary, for even door, when the number of colored buttons on one side is an odd number, the odds remain 1 to 0.96.
  • Over: This is the door with 3 or more red buttons, also has a winning ratio of 1 to 0.96.
  • Under: This is the door with more than 3 white buttons, the payout ratio is still kept at 1 to 0.96.

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The most detailed instructions on how to play Xoc Dia 3D

Step 1: Choose the appropriate bet level

Before starting the game, players need to choose the appropriate bet level for each game. The minimum and maximum bet amount will vary depending on the value of the dice the player bets on.

Step 2: Place your bet

After choosing the bet level, players will place bets on any type of bet they want. Betting will be done by choosing one of the colors or numbers displayed on the interface of the Xoc Dia 3D game.

Step 3: Dice

After the player has placed a bet, the dealer will roll the dice and give the final result. Once the two dice have been rolled and a result is produced, the player can check whether he has won or lost.

Step 4: Bonus money

If you bet correctly, you will receive money corresponding to the bet amount and win level of that type. If the player bets wrongly, he will lose the entire previous bet amount.

Share the secret to playing Xoc Dia 3D for huge profits

If you want to earn high profits from participating in Xoc Dia 3D, you need to know some tricks as well as have your own betting strategy. Below here Hi88 We will summarize some tips for playing with huge profits, please refer to them.

Control a reasonable amount of capital

Control your capital accordingly, as well as how to invest money to generate high profits. This is one of the secrets that not everyone can do, it determines whether you make more or less profit.

In addition, before starting the game, you need to set yourself a specific goal. This means that you will play within a fixed amount of money. If you lose, you should stop. If you win, don’t exceed the set limit. Don’t lose your reason because of greed. It will make you empty-handed. .

Double bet

The folding strategy in Xoc Dia 3D is a very good trick and is applied by many players. However, if you want to use this way of playing, you need to have a high financial source. Because when using this way of playing, the amount of bet that the player has to spend is not small, but the profit earned will not be small. This means that the amount of money bet in the second game will be double the amount of money bet in the first round, so if you don’t have enough money to bet, your results will be affected quite a bit.

Likewise, players will know how to allocate finances appropriately and how to manage their own finances. For example, in the first game you bet 10 points and miss, then in game 2 you double bet 20 points and continue like that until you win.

Bridge tracking

Developed based on traditional Xoc Dia, Xoc Dia 3D also has many similarities with the traditional way of playing Xoc Dia. In particular, the secret to tracking the bridge is also one of the popular forms of play. This form will not only help you bet more accurately but also increase your odds of winning.

  • Flat bridge: This is a type of bridge that combines even, odd, over, and under numbers on a fairly long string. If you can keep up, the profits you will receive will be extremely large.
  • Break the bridge: Once you notice that the bottom bridge appears in the betting screen is too long, or even longer than the previous bridge. So if at this time, it breaks the bridge from 1 to 2, you should immediately take this opportunity to make money.


Xoc Dia 3D is a great combination of traditional and modern Xoc Dia, bringing a fun and exciting experience. If you are looking for a place to play this disc jockey Hi88 is a great choice for you.

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