Critical First-Aid Equipment: Mindray AED

AEDs are life-saving equipment for patients with heart illness since they are portable and can be defibrillated by electric shock in the initial hours after ventricular fibrillation develops. Thanks to expert AED supplier Mindray, the AED for workplace became compact in size and easy to use. Check out some details.

Ventricular fibrillation is a serious medical condition

In daily life and work, 80% of abrupt cardiac arrests are brought on by ventricular fibrillation. In ventricular fibrillation, the heart muscle either contracts quickly and weakly or fibrillates quickly and uncoordinatedly, preventing the heart from pumping blood, analogous to an engine idle without power, an easily fatal condition.

And in today’s work environment, such as in office buildings and other buildings, if a sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the AEDs equipped in the building are the key to saving lives because ambulances and professional paramedics do not have the means to arrive at the scene for first aid in a short period. Therefore, equipping AEDs for the workplace is a health guarantee for employers and employees. And these AEDs do not require the rescuer to have undergone pre-training in first aid.

Applying Mindray’s AED Has Many Advantages

What is an AED’s function? Defibrillation. The AED completes defibrillation as the initial step in cardiac arrest rescue, which prevents the heart from fibrillating. The next crucial step, CPR, must be performed by hand. This must be done right away.

However, the AED produced by Mindray is high caliber and reliable, with comprehensive multimedia first aid training. It also monitors the patient’s heart rate and directs the rescuer’s actions, including instructions for CPR and chest compressions. As a result, first aid will be administered much more effectively, and medical personnel’s work will be done easier later.

For complete details, visit Mindray‘s official website!

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